The revolutionary

Brazilian Vegan Keratin

Brazilian Vegan Keratin has been developed through Nanotechnology and with natural actives that promote effective straightening while moisturizing and nourishing the hair. With a composition rich in amino acids such as coconut oil, d-panthenol, aloe vera and vegetable keratin, it helps to reduce volume, eliminating frizz, offering a brilliant diamond effect, as well as thermal protection to hydrate from root to tip.

Brazilian Vegan Keratin is an extremely softening, anti-frizz restructuring and thermal realignment that gives complete treatment from the inside out. 0.0% Formaldehydes and Carbocysteine | We do not test on animals.

Nanotechnology and
natural ingredient


Preserving the integrity

of the hair structure

BB.TOX Soursop is enriched with soursop oil which is rich in fatty acids, oleic and linoleic acid which is known for its antioxidant and regenerative action. It

also contains vegetable keratin that rebuilds and nourishes the hair, improving hair cohesion and preserving the integrity of the hair structure. Due to the water retention on the hair, it returns the moisture lost in the physical and chemical processes,

conferring naturally loose hair, associated with natural resins that promote hydration, hair sealing and ultra-conditioning.

New Brazilian Vegan
Home care


Home Care | For daily use

Brazilian Vegan Home Care is indicated for daily use, as it replaces substances necessary for the health of the strands that were lost during the chemical process treatments, acts by filling the porosity of the fiber, controlling the volume and returning flexibility and softness to the hair, avoiding the formation of split ends. Acts fully recovering and promoting shine and strength. With its composition rich in amino acids such as coconut oil, d-panthenol, aloe vera and vegetable keratin, it helps to reduce volume, eliminating frizz, offering a glossy diamond effect.


•Glossy Hair 


•pH Balanced 

•Anti Frizz Action

•Daily Maintenance

•Prevents the formation of split ends

•Prolongs the results of Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Brazilian Blowout Treatment , Brazilian Sealing and BBtox.